Kan-Breathe - Mucus Clearing Device

Kan-Breathe Is A Natural Handheld Device Using Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP). Its Stainless Steel Ball Bearing And Internal Diaphragm Create Vibration And Pressure Loosening Mucus From Your Airways And Throat. Mucus Can Then Be Expelled By Coughing Or Swallowing. As a PEP Device, Kan-Breathe Helps Increase Lung Capacity And Clear Airways.

DRUG FREE THERAPY – Helps Patients With The Following Respiratory Conditions – Asthma – Atelectasis – Bronchiectasis – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – Emphysema – Chronic Bronchitis – Cystic Fibrosis And Many More Respiratory Conditions.

Portable Device That’s Very Easy to Use.

There is no complicated set-up. You can use this lung health device anywhere. All you need is 5 minutes (1-2x a day), and you’ll be on your way to stronger lungs and easier breathing. People of all walks of life use this user-friendly PEP device – adults, children, smokers, seniors, athletes, singers, musicians, and more.

May Alleviate Certain Respiratory Conditions.

The White Kan-Breathe Natural Breathing Lung Expansion and Mucus Removal Device is suitable for anyone battling respiratory issues like Asthma, Atelectasis, bronchiectasis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Chronic Bronchitis, Pleural Effusion, Chronic Mucus,  and Smoking-Related Respiratory Issues.

Cutting-Edge Design Proudly Made in Australia.

This drug-free handheld lung cleanse device is proudly manufactured in Australia. It’s made with the utmost care using polypropylene and stainless steel ball bearings. Every device comes with a handy carrying bag and easy-to-follow instructions. Everything you need to begin on your journey to be a healthier you comes included.

Lung Exerciser Also Available in Blue.

We offer our Positive Expiratory Pressure device in blue as well. Customers like the option of choosing between the contrasting Blue/White and White/Blue lung exercisers. Both are equipped with the same features, they just have a different aesthetic. Having two color options is also excellent if multiple people in a household need to use a PEP device regularly. It eliminates mix-ups and the sharing of devices. 



Kan-Breathe is a natural handheld device using OPEP Technology to create vibration and pressure loosening mucus from your airways and throat. Mucus can be simply coughed out or swallowed after use. Kan-Breathe improves your family’s respiratory health.

PEP Therapy Equipped With Two Settings

You may have seen or even used other Lung Expansion and mucus Relief Devices in the past, but nothing like the one we’ve assembled. It’s made with two stainless steel ball bearings to achieve minimal or maximum positive pressure depending on your lung capacity and age. Other devices are only equipped with one fixed setting, so they may not be suitable for everyone.

Naturally Clear Mucus Build-Up

You might not be familiar with how a PEP device naturally removes mucus from your airways and throat. It’s actually really fascinating. The stainless steel ball bearings and internal diaphragm create vibrations and pressure, which loosen mucus and phlegm from your airway walls. When you rapidly exhale, the mucus travels up the airway and out of your mouth when you cough.

Effectively helps Increase Lung Capacity.

If you’re weak and need to get physically stronger, you go to the gym to lift weights. The same can be said for many other areas of our lives. If we want to improve at something, we need to practice. This lung conditioner is an excellent way for singers, athletes, swimmers, freedivers, and smokers to drastically enhance lung capacity and strengthen the breathing muscles.

Batteries and Refills Are Never Needed.

No one wants to be bothered with constantly having to change batteries or get refills for their lung health device. It’s a pain in the neck. Especially when you’re about to use it. That won’t be an issue with this one. Simply clean the device with soap and water after each use and reuse.



Relax your body, hold the device in one hand placed in your mouth keeping the device at an angle between level or towards your nose. You will find an optimal angle over time.  

 Inhale slowly through your nose and hold your breath for 1 to 2 seconds. Exhale slowly and for as long as possible. Do not bulge your cheeks when you exhale; keep your cheek muscles tense. This is essential for the (PEP) Positive Expiratory Pressure of the device. Hold your other hand on the cheek when exhaling to ensure that the muscles are tight. 

Tighten your cheeks, your chest should be vibrating. Raise or lower the device, adjust to optimal position. 

After exhaling through KanBreathe for 2 to 5 minutes you will feel an excess of mucus in the back of your throat. Simply cough to expel the mucus. If not continue to use KanBreathe up to 10-15 minutes and cough or swallow the mucus.  

In general, it is recommended to use it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, so as to avoid excessive fatigue, the duration of each application depends on your health and age.  

Kan-Breathe Mucus Clearing Device

Kan Breathe Mucus Clearing Device – Lung Expansion – Cleanse Blocked Airways – Natural Lung Health- Drug Free Therapy – Lung Exerciser Device – Breathe your way to Better Health



We appreciate how frightening it can be when you are struggling to breathe properly. The Kan Breathe is a natural handheld Lung exerciser from the UK but manufactured here in Australia. The lung exerciser acts as a mucus removal device using Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) and can also offer throat mucus relief. Sometimes referred to as a flutter mucus clearing device, the lung exerciser is suitable for COPD sufferers and those experiencing various other respiratory ailments.

The lung exerciser has an internal diaphragm and steel ball-bearing, which creates a vibration that offers a complete lung mucus cleanse. The lung exerciser is available online and helps to improve lung capacity and be a mucus clearing device and can be used by athletes, singers and smokers amongst a wide variety of other groups. The small portable device is easy to use and requires just five minutes once or twice a day.

The mucus remover may alleviate several respiratory conditions including, but not limited to, asthma, bronchiectasis, COPD. The revolutionary yet simple mucus extractor has changed the lives of thousands of people with respiratory issues, allowing them to lead everyday lives. The mucus removal device is available in either blue or white, making it ideal if multiple people in your household require a flutter mucus clearing device.

Although the lung exercise was designed in the UK, it is now proudly manufactured in Australia using the highest quality and most hygienic materials. Regardless of if you order the mucus clearing device in store or the lung exerciser online, it will come in its own carry case with detailed instructions. You will be amazed at how quickly you start to feel the benefits and begin the journey of becoming a healthier version of yourself!

Kan-Breathe is a drug-free therapy that doesn’t require batteries or refills, and as it is a handheld device, it can be used as you need or as part of a respiratory exercise program. The device is frequently recommended by physios and occupational therapists around the world. However, if you have decided to purchase the product and plan to do a lung mucus cleanse using the mucus extractor, we would always advise you to consult with your doctor first. Some underlying health conditions may be worsened by using the device.

We believe in making a difference in people’s lives and have witnessed the suffering that some people experience due to mucus. We have tried and tested an extensive range of products to establish which were most effective, and the Kan-Breathe came out head and shoulders above the rest. It is a cost-effective product that requires minimal time to use, therefore, allowing you to continue with your regular life.

The Kan-Breathe mucus clearing device and lung exerciser presents itself as something of a ground-breaking development within the field of mucus removal devices as it is fitted with 2 independent settings. Similar, but more usually found flutter mucus cleaning devices, come with only one setting as standard which can limit their functionality in relation to the Kan-Breathe model.

This family of Positive Expiratory Pressure lung mucus cleansers achieve success by creating vibrations within the airways as the operator breathes through the device, which loosens mucus from the surface of the airways making it easier to cough up and expel the unwanted mucus. The minimal or maximum positive pressure settings of the Kan-Breathe mucus remover make it superior to others that are widely used, as you can select an appropriate setting for your age and lung capacity.

Around the world, the ever-increasing rise in cases of asthma and chronic bronchitis has pushed up demand to find throat mucus relief and the Kan-Breathe mucus extractor will prove beneficial to those suffering from these and many other respiratory complaints. It has proved to be a valuable asset as a lung exerciser for patients with COPD and can offer relief for many other conditions.

Although this lung exerciser was initially developed in the UK it is now proudly manufactured in Australia to exacting standards and is available in store or online. Pocket sized and with no service (other than cleaning regularly) required, only 10 minutes use per day can result in remarkable results.


When your airways are compromised by hypersecretory ailments, resulting in an excess of mucus that affects your breathing, you may turn to mucus clearing and removal devices to ease your condition.

The Kan-Breathe mucus clearing device is optimally suited to help you clear mucus from your lungs and throat in a gentler way than voluntary coughing – and can also be considerably more effective than coughing.

This simple device is incredibly easy to use and can be done so without the need for a care giver to be in attendance. Simply breathing into the device for 2-5 minutes, two times a day can give significant results in clearing mucus and is suitable for a wide range of conditions, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. There are no recorded adverse effects and the only maintenance that is required is careful cleaning of the device after each use.

Having 2 settings which give either maximum or minimum effect as a mucus extractor and remover, which are selected based on factors such as age and difficulty in breathing, is what differentiates the Kan-Breathe device apart from other flutter style mucus clearing devices, which generally have only one setting.

In addition to lung and throat mucus clearance and relief, the Kan-Breathe also operates as a lung exerciser increasing lung capacity and has been shown to be especially effective for patients with COPD.

Although this lung exerciser was developed in the UK we are proud to say that it is produced wholly in Australia and is readily available online.

If you would like more information about the lung exerciser for COPD, a mucus remover, or you require throat mucus relief, we would be delighted to oblige. You can email us at info@kanbreathe.com.au, or alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website, and a team member will get back to you shortly.